In progress:

  • A trio of albums that combine the complete songs of Johannes Ockeghem with selected chansons by Antoine Busnoys and works of unknown authorship from the newly discovered Leuven Chansonnier (Musique en Wallonie)
  • A disc devoted to two especially difficult masses of the fifteenth century: L’ardent desir and Gross senen (collaboration with UC Berkeley Professor Emily Zazulia)


Guillaume Du Fay: The Tenor Masses (Les messes à teneur)

Du Fay cover

    • Landmark recording of Du Fay’s four late masses: Se la face ay paleL’homme arméEcce ancilla domini, and Ave regina celorum
    • Close miking recreates the intimate experience of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Renaissance singers
    • Distinguished by lively tempi, dynamic phrasing, and rhythmic energy
    • Generous, 2-CD set with a lavish booklet, including color images and liner notes in four languages
    • As important for defining a central genre in the early Renaissance as Haydn’s London Symphonies or Beethoven’s late string quartets were several hundred years later. Du Fay demonstrates a masterful handling of form in these large-scale works, creating music that is once beautiful and strange, self-assured and experimental.

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De Orto and Josquin: Music in the Sistine Chapel around 1490

      • Double album featuring sacred music by Renaissance composers living and working in Rome
      • Offers new interpretations of music by Josquin des Prez, including his famous Missa L’homme armé super voces musicales
      • Presents premiere recordings of works by Marbrianus de Orto, Gaspar van Weerbeke, and other scandalously understudied late fifteenth-century singer-composers employed in the newly built chapel of Pope Sixtus IV. In a space that overlooked frescoes by Botticelli and Perugino, they gathered around enormous choirbooks to sing one another’s masses, motets, and hymns. Cut Circle’s recording aims to capture the soundscape of the Sistine Chapel as Josquin knew it.

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