Riya Verma

Riya Verma I found the cooking the sauce this week very exciting as it was a puzzle to figure out the proportions of ingredients and method of cooking. When looking at the Taillevant’s French text for the sauce there was one word that we were unable to translate and could not find references to on … [Read more…]

Natty Jumreornvong

Natty Jumreornvong Wow!! Live performance, medieval food and fancy wine. What more can a poor hungry college student asks for? Seriously though, the live performance  really captivated me. I’ve always been a fan of classical instrumental music and opera. Apart from some in Shakespeare’s plays I’ve been in, I have never heard any vocal music from … [Read more…]

Netta Wang

Netta Wang Last Friday was an interesting cooking day. I decided to help with the sops, and as I imagine was also the case for the other sauce team, the flavors were not naturally pleasant. It was an easy recipe to follow, but the problem was the taste. With all the spices “of equal proportion,” … [Read more…]

Kirstin Haag

Kirstin Haag This Friday, I was on the Sops Team in the kitchen. In an attempt to cook more efficiently, we divided to conquer…and in less than half an hour, we were nearly finished. Just a quick taste-test, and we could plate the dish. Then came the problem of the sugar: for nearly another half … [Read more…]