Didi Park

Didi Park Last Friday’s class was the most enjoyable thus far in terms of the cooking process. The lack of detail in the recipe for the mustard sauce forced my team to experiment with the proportions of ingredients and to progressively taste the sauce we were making, and to consult the original French version of … [Read more…]

Emma Grover Finch

Emma Grover Finch An interest in early music was one of my main motivations for taking this class, so last week’s guest performers had me very excited.  I loved listening to them sing (and even joining in a little!), but I found learning about the context in which medieval music was performed even more fascinating … [Read more…]

Robert Forke

Robert Forke Last session was an exciting step within the dramaturgy of the seminar as we went deeper into questions of how art production and performance was intertwined with the performative act of feasting in the later Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Listening to several polyphonic songs live that may very well and in the … [Read more…]